To Setup a remote connection to your desktop PC from North:


First, you must contact IT Services for permission.  You will need to be added to a special group.

Your personal computer must have the latest Windows Updates and Anti-Virus software.



---------------FOR WINDOWS PC---------------

From your computer’s Search Bar, type ‘Remote Desktop Connection’



Click the down arrow Show Options Go to the Advanced tab


Click Settings…




Select Use these RD Gateway server settings:

  Server name:

  Logon method: Allow me to select later

Select Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer


Click the General tab



Enter the name of the remote computer.


  User name: ead\[firstname.lastname]  (make sure you use a backslash \)  ex. Ead\

  Computer:  ‘[ComputerName]’  ex:  (IT Services will supply you with a computer name)


Close the window.


To Save your session for future use, please click Save As and save to your Desktop.  This will create a shortcut on your Desktop with your new configuration. 


You can double-click it and click Connect and enter your password. 


The connection takes a bit of time so please be patient, about a minute to connect.


You can right click on the shortcut you created to edit the computer name.




---------------FOR MACS---------------

Download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 app from the App Store.


Click on the gear icon and select Preferences




In the User Accounts tab create a new user account with the + sign. click Add when done




In the Gateway tab create a new Gateway with the + sign. click Add when done




Close Preferences


In the main Microsoft Remote Desktop window press the + sign and select Desktop


Enter the PC name that was provided by IT Services


In User Account select "MySeattleCollege Login"


For Friendly Name enter NSC Gateway 01


For Gateway select "NSC Gateway"


Click Add




Double-Click on the newly created Remote Desktop profile, answer yes to any questions about accepting certificates, etc.